The Unsellable Manifesto

19th December 2020

This ain’t your daddy’s 1998 eBay proto-flip, nor some net-gallery wannabe GeoCities bait. The struggles of artists during the information age are written in ink, and we did our homework. This is the real deal. Unsellable is our answer to the exploitative and gluttonous attitudes that are perpetuated by elite galleries and dealers. Many artists have rightfully grown embittered towards the inaccessible institutions that refuse them their voice from being heard, that reject them from the platforms they belong to. We’re taking a stand, to not perpetrate such victimhood any longer.


The art “scene” is a segregated, homogenous sphere that fetishises commercial transactions, endlessly spawning secondary resale markets by design. The relentless repetition of this pattern is no coincidence. It isn’t some unfortunate bug of the current system; it’s a feature. Emerging artists are forced to traverse through narrower avenues to exposure, as the means for breaking through the industry’s self-imposed glass ceilings demand that they abandon their ambitions and drag themselves away from their thoughtful and meditative plunge into self-reflective expression through which they find uniquely intimate insights to share, that are ultimately universally resonant. Should an artist gain traction by subverting and attacking the system, they quickly absorb them in their fabric, rendering them as the very elite they set out to overthrow. It’s a vicious product cycle. If it can’t be matched and marketed to whatever trend is inflating the market, it’s not worth their time. It’s art by any other name, just not the legitimate kind.


Unsellable is a project space that intends to solely breed ars gratia artis; art for art’s sake. Our vision of an antidote for the market ills is through the concoction of art works that would be deemed paradoxical or nonsensical for commercial purchase and for hoarding collectors, utterly ripped away from the cancerous ligaments of the marketplace. We humbly aspire to be the Groucho Marx of creative art studios. A noble, if not unwieldy idol to look up to, we admit, but nothing causes a shock to the system like the anarchic deconstruction of the guiding principles from which it draws its power and influence. Whether there are temporal concerns, works considered to be unfeasible, or pieces that a gallery would not dare think of showcasing in their space, we are here to support the rejects, the outcasts and the projects of artists that are assessed as having no commercial viability. We feed on embarrassment and we laugh at the face of shame and humiliation. We don’t care to diagnose and develop the next ordinary market darling that will stimulate account balances and that everyone will waste their time imitating and replicating until the next best mutation. We want the wonky, the misshapen, the special.


To achieve this, we work closely with artists to plan, finance and produce works of art that are unable to secure funds and marketability, while also providing the means for collectors and investors to be able to reward purely artistic output that goes above, sideways and beyond the common practice that an artist might be recognised for.


We encourage unsolicited introductions and proposals from artists, interested parties, collectors and financiers. We have several projects lined up behind the scenes available for financing the production and installation of such artworks.


Text written in conversion with Just a Studio Co-Founder Theo Stylianou, by @sample80, Scriptwriter. 


an insight into our inner workings

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