The Unsellable Manifesto

This ain’t your daddy’s 1998 eBay proto-flip, nor some net-gallery wannabe GeoCities bait. The struggles of artists during the information age are written in ink, and we did our homework. This is the real deal. Unsellable is our answer to the exploitative and gluttonous attitudes that are perpetuated by elite galleries and dealers. Many artists have rightfully grown embittered […]

Aman Aheer: Seen and Unseen in London

Aman Aheer (b. 1992, Canada) is a London based artist working with oil, acrylic, gauche and stich. Aheer abstracts the figures and objects in his paintings and works on paper to reflect the fears and anxieties of the unknown and invisible. Borrowing from the dualism of Sufi concepts of seen and unseen, Aheer appropriates symbols […]